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10 Reasons to Move Your Accounting to the Cloud

The Cloud, the Cloud, the Cloud—lots of talk, but what’s the reality?  Is it just another buzzword?  Just another IT “checklist” trend?  Actually, no.  It’s real and so are its benefits.  Cloud ERP provides a real paradigm shift in business software solutions.  Here’s why:   Anywhere, anytime access The Cloud

Is Our Company Ready to Upgrade from QuickBooks?

Want to know if you are ready to upgrade from QuickBooks to a more robust ERP?  Do a gap analysis.  Simply stated, a gap analysis enables you to determine the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. Start Here Begin at the end.  In order

ERP Success—Project Management

Ask people to describe why their ERP implementations are successful and you’ll get as many different answers as the number of people you asked.  But in nearly every one, although worded in many ways, you’ll find a commonality:  good project management.  There is a huge body of project management knowledge—

Dashboards—Leaders’ Format of Choice

Business leaders prefer to see their data in dashboards according to a report excerpt that is posted on  The report shows that while more than 50% of business leaders surveyed prefer dashboards, only about 15% are consuming their data this way today.  In fact, the two most common delivery

Cloud ERP–Monetize Your ERP by Providing a Customer Portal

When most people start looking at ERP solutions, they begin by looking for accounting solutions.  As they learn more about the functionality available and the benefits of the Cloud, they start thinking about things like integrating their ERP and CRM, integrating operational systems, and anywhere, anytime access to information they

Cloud ERP for Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience is becoming a significant part of today’s buying cycle and on-going vendor/customer relationship.  In fact, some experts predict that by 2020, customer experience will play an even bigger role in the buying decision than product or price.  Customer experience management is becoming big business and CEM platforms

Cloud ERP–Is Your Aging ERP Keeping Up with Your Constantly Changing Business?

Architectural and platform changes have made today’s ERP systems smarter and faster.  More intuitive, more interactive interfaces have replaced clumsy older interfaces, making today’s ERP systems easier to use.  Dynamic new functionality has not only increased efficiency but has enabled users to do far more than ever before.  ERP systems

Cloud ERP —Real Benefits or Pie in the Sky?

Proponents of Cloud ERP will recite a long list of benefits, but are they real? Cost Savings A savvy vendor is going to price its Cloud ERP to maximize revenue—that means they will price it as high as they can while keeping the Cloud option attractive. Over the long run,

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