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Your business has changed; is your structure beginning to show its age?  KeyChange enables you to safely change over 40 key fields in your Microsoft Dynamics SL database.  Change one account or sub-account, or redesign the entire chart of accounts from top to bottom.

Changes can be entered directly into the spreadsheet-like grid or read from an ASCII file.  KeyChange then performs a global update of the entire Microsoft Dynamics SL database.  Security is controlled through Dynamics SL’s password maintenance screen and only the system administrator can process KeyChange batches.  A permanent cumulative audit trail is printed and maintained on the system.

  • Clean up a chart of accounts that has become dated due to changes in company structure, reporting requirements, personnel, or improper maintenance.  Add intelligence into your accounts.  Improve reporting and FRx performance.
  • Reformat account numbering schemes from four characters to six or ten, or from ten or six to four, or any combination!  Add a new segment to your sub-account.
  • Combine one or more accounts into a new or existing account without losing history.
  • Change account types from asset to liability or income to expense.
  • Eliminate unused or obsolete accounts, sub-accounts, vendor, or customer IDs without losing history.
  • Change or combine multiple customer or vendor IDs that were set up incorrectly.
  • Renumber inventory product lines, renumber Project and Task, and more.
  • Account – sub-account combination changes available.
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