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Do you have a need to distribute checks to multiple remittance addresses without storing separate vendor ids?  Do you work for an energy company or publication or subscription where you need to process refund or rebate checks?  If so, Multi-Remit might be the right utility for processing these accounts payable transactions.

Multi-Remit facilitates the processing of vouchers and checks with different remittance addresses without creating a number of vendor ids.   By setting up one generic Refund or Rebate Vendor ID, on the fly the user can enter the applicable remittance address or choose a designated PO Address from the Voucher and Adjustment Entry Screen.

  • Eliminates need to create one-time vendors
  • Eliminates cumbersome inputting of new vendors
  • Expedites the ability to choose a generic vendor and enter the remittance information on the fly
  • Keeps the Vendor Master list manageable
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