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EZ-Pay For Acumatica
EZ-Pay For Acumatica
EZ-Pay for Acumatica for Easy Payment Transactions
Use EZ-Pay for:
  • E-check processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Lockbox processing
  • Bulk cash receipt processing
  • Self-service payment through customer portal

Americans make over 22 billion payments per year using e-checks and similar electronic options and that number is growing at over 5% per year. EZ-Pay for Acumatica allows you to process e-checks quickly. The information is obtained at the point of processing and can be used for a one-time payment or stored for future payments. And because EZ-Pay can be used in the Customer Portal, EZ-Pay can provide self-service payment options for your customers, whether they use e-checks or credit cards.

Credit Cards

With the use of credit cards growing even faster at over 7.5% per year, you need to be able to process credit card payments efficiently. EZ-Pay for Acumatica allows you to process credit card payments by entering a new credit card using one that was entered previously and kept on file. Instant notifications are sent to both the customer and the accounting department when the payment is processed, giving both a record of the payment. Again, EZ-Pay can be used for credit card payments in the customer portal, allowing your customer to make payments on the spot without going through a customer representative. Note that all payment processing uses a payment processing company. No credit card data is stored in Acumatica. It uses a process of tokenization. This is to maintain PCI compliance.

Lockbox Processing

Lockbox payments represent the bulk of payments for many businesses. EZ-Pay for Acumatica takes your bank’s transmission file and maps it to Acumatica. Payments can be matched on one or more criteria such as Customer, Amount, or Invoice Number. Based on EZ-Pay’s intelligent mapping algorithm, perfect matches are applied and processed automatically and the remainder are segregated for review, increasing both the efficiency and accuracy of your lockbox processing.

Bulk Cash Receipts

EZ-Pay lets you enter or upload cash receipts into a single simple screen. Then it will apply its intelligent mapping algorithm, visually identify perfect matches and automatically que them for processing and providing user controlled matching for the remainder.
For almost any type of payment, the EZ-Pay for Acumatica add-in will make payment processing easier and help reduce errors.

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