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ISV Network–Why Does it Matter?

What is an ISV network and why does it matter to me, the user?

Independent software vendors (ISVs) are those companies that create add-on software and apps for more generic platform products like customer relationship management software (CRM) or enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Most CRMs and ERPs are “horizontal” platforms that manage major processes throughout the organization, therefore appealing to businesses in all industries. But businesses operate in specific industries and their processes reflect vertical industry processes. Additionally, businesses often need specific functional solutions that are not included in the platform because the demand is not there to cause that functionality to rise to the top of the list of what should be included in the product.

Firms independent of the platform provider come to the rescue—they see an opportunity add value by creating a specific add-on solution based on their expertise. Some ISVs are software solution providers focused on a specific industry like manufacturing or functionality like accounts payable that provide solutions that integrate with many ERPs. Some are resellers of the platform with deep platform knowledge and lots of experience implementing the software that understand the need for and may have even created customized solutions for specific processes not addressed by the platform.
These ISV’s provide
• industry and/or functional process expertise,
• specific functionality in place of more expensive customizations, and
• fast implementation of needed functionality.

A company that has a large network of stable ISV partners can meet the needs of many more companies and organizations than one that does not. So when you are selecting an ERP or a CRM, it is a good idea to check the vendor’s network of partners and what they provide. Acumatica has a large and growing network that provides diverse functionality and industry-specific processes. Companies that purchase Acumatica can rely on this network to provide software that integrates easily with Acumatica and supplements Acumatica’s already robust functionality.

NexVue is an Acumatica seller as well as an Acumatica ISV. From its beginnings in the Solomon/Microsoft Dynamics SL world, NexVue created innovative products grown from its experience providing customized solutions for clients or tools where there was a need. For instance, NexVue identified a need for a utility that enables easy changes to Microsoft Dynamics SL data and thus, KeyChange, the most popular SL add-on was developed. NexVue went on to create many other products for Microsoft Dynamics, including a complete business intelligence platform. Now NexVue is a developer of add-on products for Acumatica, bringing to bear expertise in areas like security, migration, payments, and collections. These products expand Acumatica’s reach and allow growing mid-sized businesses to implement “customized” solutions with less customization.

Major platform providers like Acumatica and Microsoft encourage a healthy independent software vendor network and do all that they can to help partners home in on and develop software products that meet specific needs. From early design discussions to assistance marketing the final product, their involvement ensures a relevant, value-added solution. With the ISV network creating these ancillary tools and add-ons, the major software vendor is freed from distractions and can focus on the core product offering, making it the best software it can be. The ISV network is a win-win-win for everyone—for the vendor, for the ISVs, and mostly, for the customers. So even if you don’t have a need for an ISV product on day one, it is a good idea to make a growing and well-supported ISV network a part of your ERP selection “checklist.” There is a good chance that you will be counting on ISV add-on products at some time in the future.

To learn more about NexVue’s Acumatica add-on products, contact NexVue at 203.327.0800 or visit our website.

By Sandi Richards Forman, [email protected]

NexVue Information Systems,

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