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Migration Manager for Acumatica
Migration Manager for Acumatica
Migration Manager for Acumatica is a multi-purpose
integration, migration, and data conversion solution that:
  • Reduces the time, cost, and complexity of migrating financial data to Acumatica
  • Enables Acumatica to be implemented as a corporate consolidations and reporting platform
  • Enables integrations with systems such as payroll processing where detailed information needs to be accessible but not exposed in Acumatica’s native General Ledger detail
  • Automates monthly data imports
  • Accesses secure FTP (SFTP) sites
Migration and Consolidation

Migration Manager will help your organization make a smooth transition from Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, QuickBooks, or any other ERP to Acumatica. Migration Manager will save you time and reduce the cost and complexity of mapping and converting to your new Acumatica structure.

Migration Manager eliminates the manual and complex process of loading data into spreadsheets, sorting, executing look ups, and creating import scenarios. Then, within Acumatica it provides a more structured fashion in which you can create mapping from a legacy account structure to Acumatica Accounts, segments, and branches, reducing errors and frustration.

Using Migration Manager you can map, re-map, validate, and edit your data. Migration Manager can also dynamically create or add new accounts, subaccounts, and segments to Acumatica based on your source data. Mapping errors are common on the first try and without Migration Manager, the correction process is tedious and time consuming. But Migration Manager enables you to make adjustments to fix the mapping and reload the data with just a few clicks.

Importing many years of history into your new Acumatica system can present issues related to volume. If you don’t need to see all of the detail on a routine basis, Migration Manager can store all the history in its staging tables and post to Acumatica in summary or all accounts, or by specific accounts, or by data source, depending on your need. See just what you need and retain the detail for less frequent access.

Migration Manager enables mapping from a single or multiple databases to a single Acumatica company with multiple legal entities with full intercompany functionality.

Migration Manager is easy to use and provides a full audit trail.

  • Crosswalk function maps old accounts, sub-accounts, and company ids to new ones.
  • Automatically figures out the correct fiscal period.
  • Consolidate multiple companies, even if one is in Microsoft Dynamics SL, one is in QuickBooks, and one is in Sage.
  • Integrate ERP data with data from other systems like payroll or commissions.
  • Allows direct edits to source file.
  • Error log identifies problems and allows on-the-spot corrections.
  • Import from Microsoft Excel or avoid the Excel maximum of 64,000 lines by importing from a single text file.
  • Configure options as a template that you can use again and again.
  • Post to Acumatica in summary or detail by account and never lose the history.
  • Upload from a secure ftp site (functionality not supported by native Acumatica).
  • Enable Acumatica General Ledger to handle hundreds of thousand of transactions on an upload.
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