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Real-Time Benefits of Acumatica for Manufacturers

In a day and when the metrics of just about anything can be captured in the moment it occurs by technology, it is still amazing how many manufacturing operations have no idea exactly what their assembly lines are producing, consuming and costing. This is because the relationship between activity of manufacturing and its translation to cost still often relies on dated, delayed reporting methods subject also to human input (and error). That said, it’s now quite possible, even for mid-sized businesses, to have a manufacturing job costing system that is accurate, provides clear efficiency-potential reports daily or even hourly.


KPIs for Manufacturing: The Key to Better Business Performance

Matching Reporting With Reality

Particularly in the arena of small business, manufacturing is fluid, varied, and often times almost chaotic. Feast and famine is the norm as order come in, retooling is needed on the fly, and production through the night occurs to meet the next deadline. In this mix, it is quite possible to inject a basic enterprise approach to production that translates the same data into inventory, sales order fulfillment, production, resource consumption, cost and even geographic location. And all of this is possible real time with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform.

Cloud Advantages

With scalability, customizable flexibility, and cost tied to actual use on a cloud basis, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition gives businesses instant capture and summary reporting of key cost drivers in labor, resource usage, machinery maintenance and retooling expenses. The guesswork disappears as well as the lengthy reporting delays. And that allows business-decisionmakers to react faster to needs as well as risks in the production process. That also translates into far better response to customer demands which ultimately impacts your revenue and bottom line.

Reduce Distance Barriers

The Acumatica approach becomes extremely powerful when a business needs to marry multiple locations in geographically displaced networks. Instead of waiting for spreadsheets and paper status reports to be compiled, central managers see the production impacts as they occur daily and even hourly. That allows information to be married up fast to changes in direction or anticipation of new production orders in days or hours. Trying to do that with traditional production management simply doesn’t happen. So if you want to see the future now, engage with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and watch your manufacturing explode in growth and efficiency real time.

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