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Scalability in Acumatica vs. NetSuite (and Other Cloud ERPs)

One of the key benefits of a Cloud ERP platform is scalability – the ability to adapt your solution quickly, easily, and cost effectively if your business is growing or if you operate with significant seasonality.

However, scalability in Cloud ERP solutions takes different forms depending on the platform that you’re using. That’s because the ability to scale your solution is directly linked to how your solution is licensed, i.e. how much it costs.

NetSuite and most other Cloud ERP systems are licensed wholly on a per user per month basis. Therefore, if you have a seasonal influx of employees your costs are perpetually fluctuating. As a result, you may be hesitant to give your seasonal employees access to the system, thus detracting from some of the value of automation and integration for which you implemented the system.

Acumatica is a Cloud ERP platform that does things a little differently. It is priced based on the computing power and data storage that you need as well as the applications you require.

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According to Geoff Ashley, Vice President of Partner Strategy and Programs at Acumatica, “Acumatica has unlimited users. Every single employee, every single 1099 – if you’re seasonal and need to bring in all kinds of temporary people – they can all use our system and it’s no additional cost to you. So, we want every single person using the solution so that your company gets the full advantage of having this ERP solution.”

Seasonality comes in many forms:

  • Outdoor related organizations that do the majority of their business in particular seasons
  • Retail establishments and other companies that add staff to support sales around particular holidays
  • Not-for-profit organizations that add temporary employees to support particular fundraisers
  • and countless other examples

That means that Acumatica is an optimal cloud ERP solution for any business that needs scalability in user counts and flexibility in functionality.

“If you build your child a doll house out of balsa wood, once you’re done with the kit, it’s done. But, if you were to build the house out of Lego™, you would have infinite possibilities. That’s what we’re doing with Acumatica, taking advantage of those possibilities.” – Ehren Dimitry, Panova

Learn more about the possibilities that Acumatica makes available:

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