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Acumatica's All-in-One Solution

Acumatica is the leader in business software. What Excel did as an all-in-one personal productivity tool, Acumatica does as an all-in-one platform for enterprise operations. Acumatica includes CRM, document management, workflow, customer portals and the most effective web-based development and customization framework in the industry.


  • Efficient

    Realize break through organizational efficiency with Acumatica’s all-in-one solution.

  • Empowering

    Your financial/ERP platform is the most pervasive system in the company – Empower your organization with Acumatica.

  • Different

    Acumatica was born in the Cloud and is fully-integrated with applications like Financial Management, CRM, and Project Accounting.

How Acumatica Is Better

More than just superior functionality separates Acumatica from the pack. Acumatica’s licensing options, framework, and development platform provide flexibility and functionality that others simply cannot offer.

  • Flexible licensing – Acumatica is the only Cloud solution that provides both a SaaS license and a Purchase license. Under the SaaS license you pay an annual fee and all software, maintenance, and infrastructure costs are covered. Under the Purchase license, you buy the software and run it on a private Cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premises or co-location solution. You get to manage your CapEx and OpEX expenditure. Other ERPs like NetSuite and Intacct don’t offer that.
  • Control your destiny – Under both SaaS and Purchase license options, you own your own data in its native form. Your data is separate and discrete from all other companies. If you want to take a complete snapshot of your data and restore it locally, it takes just a few keystrokes and there is no need for IT. Solutions like NetSuite and Intacct co-mingle their customers’ data and can’t or won’t provide a complete snapshot back to you.
  • Technology matters again – Yes, accounting is accounting, but in the new world of interconnectedness, multi-channel distribution, remote workers, security issues, Cloud-to-Cloud integration, and rapid speed of change, technology is an enabler and differentiates Acumatica from products like NetSuite and Intacct.The Acumatica Framework is at the heart of the solution. It supports the depth and breadth of the functionality you expect and then some. On top of that, it enables the all-in-one system-wide capabilities, the ability to rapidly develop new applications or extend existing ones without changing source code, advanced security, high-speed web performance, a mobile development framework, easy Cloud-to-Cloud integrations, and a customer/vendor portal.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud integration ability – Cloud is here to stay. Costly and fragile database-to-database connections are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by platforms that enable robust Cloud-to-Cloud integration. The Acumatica platform leads the pack. No solution does it better, is easier to develop, and is less costly to maintain than Acumatica. NexVue has used the Acumatica framework to connect out-of-the-box screens and custom screens to services like Twilio (for two-factor authentication) payment processors for e-checks and credit cards, mainframe ERP systems, Google mail, and more.
  • Development and customization platform – Acumatica created a Web development platform (the framework) first and then built the Acumatica ERP solution on the Acumatica Framework. The completeness of that framework and the extensibility it provides is unmatched in the industry. That is the reason why other billion dollar ERP software companies have licensed the Acumatica ERP solution and are re-branding it with their own labels.This platform is available to all Acumatica customers at no cost. It is the framework NexVue uses to extend and build custom screens, processes, and whole applications. NexVue has been enhancing ERP platforms for decades and we estimate in the Acumatica Framework we can develop almost three hundred percent faster than in legacy platforms.


The Acumatica Solution

Because Acumatica consists of fully-integrated applications, you can implement only what you need or are ready to use and expand easily when your business calls for it.

Financial Management Suite

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Distribution Management Suite

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Project Accounting Suite

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Customer Management Suite

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XRP for Customization and Development

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